Preschool in the GROW Zone is a great place for young children to discover the love of Jesus.  This is done through Bible stories, games, art projects, and other fun activities we do together.  

Our preschool is clean, safe and staffed with a trained and loving staff committed to providing your child with the best care. 


Before you come

What to Bring:  Please provide the following for your preschooler

  •  2-3 diapers or training pants (if not yet potty trained)
  •  complete change of clothes
  •  sweater or jacket, in case we play outside

Don't forget to label your items, so they don't get lost!

Staying Healthy:  Out of concern for the health of all the children in our program, we are not able to provide care to a child with a runny nose, fever, cough, diarrhea or other signs of illness.  We ask you not to place your child in our care while they are at risk of exposing other children to illness.  Thanks in advance for helping to keep our nursery a healthy place. 


When you arrive

Upon arrival at the Grow Zone, a caregiver will greet you and assist you with signing your child into our care.  Please be sure to note any information that will help us care for your child, including allergies and other special needs.

You will be given a pager to take with you.  This pager will be used to alert you if we need you to return to the childcare area before the end of the worship service to attend to your child.

At the conclusion of the service, when you pick-up your child, please sign your child out and return the pager.


Saying Goodbye

Once you have signed your child into our care, simply wave a quick goodbye and go to the worship service.  As you know, it is normal for little ones to cry when their parents leave.  When the goodbye is "short but sweet" the separation will become easier, especially over time.  Our caregivers will redirect your child's attention to a toy or activity and give assurance that you'll be back soon.  If your child continues to cry for longer than 15 minutes, we will alert you with a page.


Potty Policy

Preschool is an exciting time of growing independence for children --especially when it comes to using the potty.  When you arrive, please let the caregiver know where your child is in the range from diaper-dependent to potty-independent.  Our preschool center has bathrooms available for quick and easy use.  Of course, accidents do happen.  If your child has an accident, we will page you so you can come and change your child's clothes.



While they are in our care, we like to provide the children with light snacks.  These snacks usually consist of crackers and water or juice.  If your child has a food allergy or if you would prefer to provide your own snack for your child, please let the caregiver know when you sign your child into our care.