Eagle Rock Baptist Church strives to exist as an authentic community that expresses the love of God!


Authentic Community
  • We are created for community because God lives in community.
  • Life’s not about me, it’s about we.
  • We grow better together. Life change happens in circles, not rows. Life change happens life-on-life.
  • The Christian life can’t be lived in isolation. You can only accomplish the ‘one anothers’ of Scripture in community.
Eagle Rock Baptist Church aims to cultivate a radical generosity that communicates the authentic love of Christ to others.


Radical Generosity
  • You’re never more like Jesus than when you’re giving and serving.
  • What we think we own is really on loan. Even our breath is borrowed.
  • We are blessed to be a blessing. When we are a blessing, we’re blessed.
  • God desires the first and best portion. First-fruits living.
  • Generosity is sharing and serving God with your time, talent, treasure, testimony and touch.
Eagle Rock Baptist seeks to enable growth and transformation within community.


Transformed Identity
  • We have been called out and commissioned. We are set apart and sent. Life’s not about me, it’s about Him and them.
  • If you have a pulse, you have a purpose. We were made to make an impact.
  • Who we are determines what we do. You can teach what you know, but only reproduce what you are.