At ERBC, faith is a lifelong journey in which we are always seeking to become more like Christ! As we grow in wisdom (and in age) we still have so much to give, while we also still have much to learn and receive!

At ERBC, we host a wide variety of communal activities to support our seniors in their journey of faith, which include (but are not limited to) the following fellowship and service opportunities:

Some of our regular Senior Ministry opportunities include the following:
Sunday School Class

EVERY SUNDAY @ 10:30am
Berean Class:
Chi Hall, Rm 101-104
Clipper Class:
Chi Hall Library

Life Groups

A great way to get connected
and grow in your faith!
Click here for more info
about Life Groups.

Seniors Visitation Ministry

Every Tuesday!
Contact Hortensia Aguilar
for more info.

sen_outMonthly Senior Outings

One Wednesday out of each month,
ERBC Seniors go on a group trip
for fun and fellowship.
Contact Hortensia Aguilar
for dates and more info.

luncheonBi-Monthly Senior Luncheons

Cost: $6.00.
Located in Chi Hall, Rm 101-104.
Typically the 2nd Thursday of the month.
Contact Hortensia Aguilar
for dates and info.

griefGrief Group

A support group for those who
have lost loved ones…
We meet once a week,
for six weeks of the year.
*Important note:
This is not a therapy group.
Contact Hortensia Aguilar for more info.

For more information about Senior Ministries, please contact Hortensia Aguilar (Ph: 323-255-4611, ext #106).