ERBC’s Student Ministries serves to provide a safe space for young people (6th-12th grade) to connect through the use of age-relevant, small group environments.

We aim to create a community where students from all walks of life can experience God in a fun and challenging way!

Through our small group leaders and curriculum, our core goal is to enable students to work through their need to cultivate the following:


Through this, we help students embrace that God designed the world and created them
in His image, with a unique identity, so they can connect to Him as their Heavenly Father.


Through this, we help students learn that when they follow Jesus by faith, His spirit transforms and empowers them to live out His truth.


Through this, we help students learn the value of connecting to a community of family and friends, and encourage them to show God’s love and compassion every day, demonstrating His story of restoration to the works.

We meet every Sunday (11am) and Wednesday (7pm) in Chi Hall.

Find us on Social Media! Instagram/Snapchat: erbc_sm

Have questions? Reach out to us!
Stephanie Porter
Director of Next Generations and Family Ministries