College & Young Adult

College-ish’s goal is to encourage our group of “20-somethings” to dive into a deeper relationship with Christ…
A relationship that has the ability to genuinely communicate faith to others.

Our format is designed to help our students understand what they believe and why through context of the scriptures, theological reasoning, and real life application.

We’re a safe space for those in the middle ground of “just graduated” to “trying-to-adult”. This is a confusing time frame, as life can rapidly change. Major life decisions take place in this period (moving, first job, college stress), so we encourage our students to be themselves and lay their burdens down at the cross, while learning what being the “hands and feet of Jesus” looks like.

We meet every Monday @ 7:30 pm in our College Room.

Find us on Social Media! Facebook: @erbccollegeish

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