Film Production & Base Camp at ERBC

Yellow Lot (13 spots)
Blue & Red Lots
Blue Lot (48 spots)
Blue Lot (48 spots)
Red Lot (35 spots)
Red Lot (35 spots)
Green Interior - Restrooms
Green Interior - Dining Hall
Green Interior - Dining Hall
Green Interior - Patio
Green Interior - Patio
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Eagle Rock Baptist Church – 1499 Colorado Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90041

Film Production & Base Camp at ERBC

Our parking lot and interiors are available Monday-Saturday to host your production!

Eagle Rock Baptist Church was established in 1927 on the corner of Colorado Blvd. and Loleta Ave. in Northeast Los Angeles.  ERBC is an ideal location for base camp parking, catering and other production staging.  We are conveniently located between many favorite commercial, television and movie studio film sites on Hill Drive and Colorado Boulevard.  We are catty-corner from Cindy’s Restaurant, a popular TV and Commercial spot, walking distance from the Laser Coin Car Wash and Pete’s Blue Chip Restaurant, which has been featured in The Office, and a short drive from the Pearson’s House from This Is Us.

We have three separate lots which are available for rent, each at different rates and with an additional amount of parking spaces available. The lots are color coded according to the graphic below.  Our Red Lot sports 35 parking spaces. Our lower Yellow Lot is an additional 13 parking spaces. Finally, our Blue Lot, which may only be rented if the Red and Yellow Lots are rented first, contains an additional 48 parking spaces.

Interior dining space and restrooms in our Fellowship Hall (located directly south of the red lot) are also available for rent. The semi-outdoor patio in Fellowship Hall has a usable space of 1500 square feet, while the interior contains a usable space of 2800 square feet.

Please fill out the form below to begin the request process.  Our staff will get back to you in less than 24 hours.


  • Option 1: Red Lot only (35 spots) – $750
  • Option 2: Red + Yellow Lots (48 spots) – $1,000
  • Option 3: All Lots (96 spots) – $2,000
  • Option 4: Add Green interior to any of the above – $3,000 + parking rental 

We highly encourage you to make a site visit in order to determine if this space will suit your needs.

We charge a non-negotiable fee of $750 per day for renting our upper Red Lot. This is the only lot we rent entirely on its own. If you’d like to rent our lower Yellow Lot, you must first rent our Red Lot and pay another non-negotiable fee of $250 per day. Likewise, if you’re interested in renting our spacious Blue Lot, you must first rent our Red and Yellow Lots. The Blue Lot is another non-negotiable $1,000 per day in addition to the fees associated with the other two lots.

If you are also interested in reserving our interior spaces (marked in Green above), these may be rented provided you are also renting at least the Red Lot. For our interior spaces, we charge an additional non-negotiable fee of $3,000 per day.

1. All documents needed to finalize the rental of our lots must be in our hands 72 hours prior to the time that you are using the lot  – this includes a signed rental agreement, a certificate of insurance naming us as additional insured for the day(s) that you’ll be making use of the lot, and a check delivered to our office, or proof of ACH payment to our account, again 72 hours prior to the time that you are using the lot.  The name that should appear on the Certificate of Insurance and the checks is “Eagle Rock Baptist Church.” Until we have those things in hand any agreement will only be considered tentative.
2. We will need you to use our rental agreement. Once I know the dates, times, and spaces you’re interested in, I’m happy to send you a copy.

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