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Dr. Rick Mandl - February 15, 2020

Criticism & Conflict

What Keeps You Up At Night?

Conflict and criticism are all around us. Just turn the news on and you’ll hear one person criticizing another. On social media there are now terms like “twitter beef.” Have you ever lost sleep over a disagreement? Most of us have. Conflict is not comfortable and many of us don’t know what to do with it. How do you handle conflict? Are you and avoider? You don’t deal with it. Are you passive? You hope by not dealing with it, it will just go away. Are you a spewer? You tend to think the loudest person wins, so you rant and rave. Maybe you’re a worrier? You worry that you caused conflict before it has happened if it even has. Conflict related stress hurts us spiritually as well as physically. Ohio State University Of Medicine did a study that showed your immune system weakens as conflict arises in you. It’s no wonder God’s word tell us to get along! Join us as we look at how can we respond in a Godly way to both conflict and criticism, so we can truly live at peace with others.

From Series: "What Keeps You Up At Night?"

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