O’ Come All Ye Faithful

O’ Come All Ye Faithful

What’s almost 300 years old and still around every Christmas? No – not grandma’s fruitcake! How about one of the most popular and most sung Christmas Carols of all time – O’ Come All Ye Faithful.

A carol that was first sung in close to its current form 300 years ago – with lyrics dating back almost 700 years – O’ Come All Ye Faithful is a beloved carol that transcends cultures and generations. And…it has a powerful message too!

That’s why it’s so important for you to invite a friend and be at ERBC this weekend as we continue our Christmas Carols teaching series by exploring the spiritual truths behind O’ Come All Ye Faithful and discovering what to do when instead of faithful, joyful and triumphant . . . we feel faithless, discouraged and defeated.

So – be sure to invite a friend, classmate or co-worker to come with you – and join us at one of our 3 weekend services for Christmas Carols!

Pastor Rick
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