Patience Anyone?

Patience Anyone?

Do you like to wait?

I didn’t think so. Nobody actually likes to wait. Yet everyday we’re forced to wait – sometimes for things we need and sometimes for things we just want.

Statistics show that the average person spends close to an hour everyday waiting for something – elevators, traffic lights, your turn at the intersection, your turn to pay at the grocery store, a cup of coffee, a table or your food at a restaurant, the computer to load, and even the microwave… which is supposed to keep us from waiting for the oven!

When you add up all that waiting over a lifespan of 70 years, the average person will spend more than 3 years of their lives WAITING for something to happen.

The issue for most of us isn’t the waiting – it’s what happens in our hearts while we wait.

For too many of us, waiting creates a downward spiral of impatience, frustration, selfishness and anger in our hearts. While waiting in line, we find flaws with the people in front of us. And if this is how we respond to other people, what happens in our hearts when God makes us wait?

That’s just one of the questions we’ll consider this weekend as we continue our study through the book of James and look at “How To Develop Patience.”

In Him,

Pastor Rick
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