Christmas Carols

Unwrapped: The Days After Christmas

The days between Christmas and New Years can feel heavy. The gifts are unwrapped, only cookie crumbs remain in the pretty tins, and returning to school or work is only a few days away. One of the best ways to beat the after-Christmas blues is to remember that the story doesn’t end with the chorus of angels and a visit from wise men. If we keep reading, we learn more about baby Jesus. We learn about preteen Jesus giving his parents a…

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O’ Come All Ye Faithful

What’s almost 300 years old and still around every Christmas? No – not grandma’s fruitcake! How about one of the most popular and most sung Christmas Carols of all time – O’ Come All Ye Faithful. A carol that was first sung in close to its current form 300 years ago – with lyrics dating back almost 700 years – O’ Come All Ye Faithful is a beloved carol that transcends cultures and generations. And…it has a powerful message too! That’s why…

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Christmas Music vs. Christmas Carols

Christmas music is a big part of all of our holiday celebrations – but did you know there is a difference between Christmas songs and Christmas Carols? Christmas songs celebrate the holiday of Christmas. And they are fun to sing. But Christmas Carols celebrate the coming of Jesus Christ into our world! Unfortunately – we often sing them without thinking about their deeper spiritual meaning. That’s why I think you’re going to love our new teaching series, Christmas Carols: Remembering The Meaning…

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